Weekend in Italy: Venice, Verona & Lake Garda!


In the first week of May, Tims Parents booked to come out and visit us for a week. As we were working, they decided to rent a car and go down to Venice on the Wednesday. Stupidly on our part we didn’t realise that the Thursday was a Public holiday in Switzerland and we actually had the day off! So we begged and pleaded for the Friday off too and by some miracle on Wednesday night we were heading down to Venice! We didn’t leave work until late so we stayed in a hotel somewhere outside of Milan, planning to head on to Venice early the next morning. Feeling groggy but determined, we battled through the early morning commuters onto the morning waterbus and headed to our boat hotel to change our clothes that we’d been in for 24 hours (the hotel wasn’t the nicest!) and to meet up with Debs and DL. As we had all been to Venice before, there was no rush to head off to all the tourist attractions and boats rides, instead, we strolled along the quieter streets looking at the beautiful houses and searching for a place for a 10.30am beer. I don’t know if it was our English accents but the beers he presented us with were 2 litres! But none the less, went down a treat!

Feeling a little beer buzz, we walked along the waterfront when a man accosted us and offered us a *free* boat ride to Murano. I probably would have politely declined and continued about my business (nothing in this world is free kids) but we were feeling wild so we hopped on board to see what was good. The Murano glass factory was beautiful, we were shuttled into a little viewing room (which was hotter than hell!) Where some men performed their daily glass sculpting tricks and then of course we exited through the gift shop. Unfortunately, their wares were a little out of my budget and we hopped back on the boat empty handed and thinking about the man on the waterfront who will most likely get a scolding for sending paupers over!

After all that excitement we decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing, strolling and drinking. My three favourite things! The next day we were heading to Lake Garda so, Tim & I decided to get up early and pop into Verona for the day to have a look about. We didn’t find the balcony but we had a great time looking around the historic town, seeing the Arena Di Verona and having some yummy pizzas. For the drive to Lake Garda we decided to go through the small towns and mug off the motorways. It was so hot and the little towns were so beautiful it was well worth it. When we tipped up at Lake Garda, we found our holiday apartment and hit the swimming pool! That evening we popped down to the town to have some food, as you can see in the video, Salò is a super chilled place, there were some tourists but so many and it was so nice sitting by the lake drinking beers and eating a 6 six cheese calzone (I regret nothing!) Around the corner from the restaurant we found an amazing little ice cream parlour which had my absolute favourite Kinder Bueno Ice cream! Exhausted and stuffed we headed back to the apartment for a good sleep before the drive back to Switzerland the next day.

Weekend trips around Europe are my absolute favourite at the moment, especially in my new hot rod, Swiss Min! swissmin


Have you guys got any short breaks planned? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! Yasmin x


P.S I shot this video using an iPhone app called 8mm, you can see it here!

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