Daytrip to Lindau, Germany!

Last week Tim was working split shifts due to a big tournament, meaning that he would leave the house at 5am, come back at around 10am, then leave again at 5pm to return at 9pm. We decided to make the most of his day time break (and the Austrian motorway vignette that expired the next day) and visit Bodensee on the German side. If you didn’t know, Bodensee (or Lake Constance) is a massive lake, about 63km long and stretches across Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and to get to Germany from our side we can either take a ferry across it or drive into Austria and across the German border there.

We sort of chose Lindau at random, we want to explore more of Bavaria and as the weather was so beautiful we decided to visit Bodensee, Lindau is pretty much the first town on the German side of the lake.7

Lindau is a historic town located on an island which can be accessed from the mainland by bridge and rail. Unbeknown to us, it is a MAJOR tourist attraction, which seems obvious now but at the time we didn’t expect it to be as busy as it was! There were people E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, especially men in speedos..(I refrained from photographing this!) However, it didn’t feel like your typical ‘tourist trap’ town, there were a few stalls on the lake side selling necklaces with your name written on a grain of rice, or the airbrush tattoos that will probably make you break out in rashes but there was also artist stalls, musicians and no one hassling you in the street trying to sell tack. Its just a really lovely, historic town.1

89 10The medieval town centre has everything you would want: restaurants and shops, cobbled streets, impressive and beautifully painted historic buildings and quirky little antique shops around every corner! We only had a couple of hours so we walked around appreciating the beauty, especially this..The historic town hall, which is a typical bavarian building, painted with medieval scenes and symbols. Walking around and taking in the sights made us seriously hungry, we looked around for somewhere to get some food to takeaway, opting to find a place to eat by the lake rather than in the town centre in one of the many restaurants.We found a small takeaway (the name of which Ive forgotten!) and purchased a BBQ pulled pork bap with sauerkraut which was surprisingly tasty and found a bench with a view. 4

53It was a slightly overwhelming experience and very difficult to really get a feel for the area with the amount of people that were there, I would love to go back in the winter and get to know the area a lot better, but, for now, I highly recommend stopping off in Lindau, whether you’re passing through Germany or looking for a holiday destination by rail (theres even an airport nearby!) But you should all put Bodensee on your travel lists because its truly beautiful! 2

Thanks for reading, Yasmin x

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