Das Labor bar – Munich

Guten Tag!  A couple of weeks ago, Tim and I decided to take a kleine ferien to Munich, well sort of.. we didn’t actually mean to end up in Munich, we actually intended to visit Castle Neuschwanstein but we overslept and got there really late, the waiting time to actually get into the castle was 5 hours which would have been after it closed so we decided to cut our loses and spend the evening in Munich with some beers.

For some reason the city was absolutely rammed – we still don’t know why that was but anyway, after hopping from beer garden to beer garden we were seriously starved, we were wandering around for a bit when we stumbled upon a Chinese restaurant (yeah not very German but its practically none existent in Switzerland so we seized the opportunity!) Anyway, after filling up on beef fried noodles we ventured back outside and noticed this little glowing sign simply saying ‘Das Labor’ and a flight of stairs leading down, to an underground, neon lit lounge bar.14

Upon entering I felt that I had wandered into a Gaspar Noe installation but once your eyes adjust and you move away from the large, intimidating, leather inspection chair complete with ankle stirrups… You start to enjoy the aesthetic! Our first round was a Gin & Tonic, amusingly served in a conical flask and glowing bright blue! All of the bartenders wear lab coats, mix the drinks in beakers and add the spirits with syringes, it is one of the best novelty bars I have ever stumbled into!3This is a page out of their shot menu, written up like lab notes in an exercise book! There were pages and pages of different concoctions! We may or may not have indulged! Around 8-9pm it gradually got busier and a DJ started playing, a lot of the tables were reserved and it seemed like the kind of place that is frequented later on in the evening, the crowd was extremely varied – perfect for people watching! I would definitely recommend dropping in when you’re in Munich, the exterior reminded me of the kinds of bars in Japan, down a flight of stairs and no indication of what to expect, I wouldn’t have ventured down if i hadn’t been feeling adventurous! So cheers to new experiences!2

Next time you’re exploring a new city, explore somewhere you normally wouldn’t (safe places obviously.. not alleyways or ship docks!) because it will either be an amazing story , an average story that you’ll keep to yourself or so bad you will laugh about it for years!

Thank you for reading! Yasmin x

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