Where have I been?!

I had to take a small break from the blog for reasons that I will come to in a minute. I didn’t actually realise how long it had been however until i was having dinner with a friend a couple of weeks ago and we were talking about a school we used to work at together and how she’d bumped into a parent who asked about me, she said that she checked my blog for updates but i hadn’t posted anything recently. I thought, well it hasn’t been THAT long! BUT. IT. HAS. Time has flown like crazy and I have seriously neglected this blog, something that I’m really disappointed in myself for. So who do I think I am and where have I been?

  1. I changed jobs.

Oh boo hoo I know, I finally got a job in my industry and started working 100% rather than part time. Perhaps I was out of practice but I’m almost two years in now and I. AM. EXHAUSTED. Also, sitting in an office all day makes me not want to stare at a computer screen in my spare time, and the added sitting down has been playing havoc with my back sooo….

2. I started my Master’s degree

I’m studying MA Graphic Design at the University of Hertfordshire, my course is part time as I am working so I will graduate in the summer of 2019. I underestimated how much work it would be and how many sacrifices I would have to make on the weekends and in the evenings. I am really a big advocate for further education and just general learning and empowerment but had I realised how much additional stress it would bring I may have perhaps reconsidered or adjusted my working contract.

3. I’m planning my wedding!

Guys, if that isn’t excuse enough I don’t know what is! As a ridiculous control freak I am doing everything myself, including crafting and printing individually named invitations and doing my own flowers – maybe I am insane? It’s a lot of fun, but the pressure for me is to make sure that everything is meticulously timed and planned so our guests have the best time! Our wedding is in September and will be in Italy (and yes, I will write a post about everything we did, our budget and photos of the day!

4. I became a mummy!

To a beautiful little guy named Frankie. Yes he’s a dog but that does not make it any less of a life changing experience! He is a dachshund and almost 3 years old, we went to visit my parents in France for the Easter weekend and made a seriously quick decision to re-home this little guy. He is the most loving and sweetest boy in the world and we cannot imagine life without him now! However, what comes with that is great responsibility and I am still adapting to mum life, having to worry about popping out to the shop or going away for a weekend. Of course he has his own Instagram account – follow him! @asausageinswitzerland


So there we go, my excuses! And my promise to upload and write about all of the trips we have taken since I scandalously stopped blogging such as our trip to Croatia and Slovakia, our winter road trip around Denmark, Norway and Sweden and our favourite road trip around Latvia!


Stay Tuned!

Yasmin x


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