instax mini 90 NEO CLASSIC

For Christmas I was lucky enough to be gifted the amazing Fujifilm Instax mini 90 Neo Classic (bit of a mouthful!) from my extremely thoughtful better half. I have a thing for real life photos that you keep and display and aren’t just dumped onto Facebook which brings me to my second pet peeve – quantity over quality: I don’t want to see a photograph of a bridge that you can get on google images, take one good photo for every 10 generic ones!

You may have seen the Instax Mini 8 around quite a lot, they remind me a bit of eggs in cute pastel colours, you get me? Great. So the main reason Tim got me the Mini 90 Neo Classic is because of my love for retro things but it also has a lot of great features that the older Mini 8 does not have. Its not only a lot lighter and easier to shoot with but you have options such as macro, brightness control and double exposure. 5

I am still getting used to it which is difficult when you don’t want to ‘waste’ a film on a photo that may not look so good, and even though I followed the guides on the Fujifilm website, I still feel like my photos don’t turn out as clear or vibrant as I’ve seen online.. 4

From my experience so far, I’ve realised that it doesn’t work so well in the sunshine, I have started to use the darker setting when photographing outside on a sunny day. I also think that the brightness should be adjusted when using the macro setting. 2

I think that all of my photographs come out with a sort of 70s haze over them, which I’m perfectly happy with but will continue to experiment with different settings combinations to achieve different results. I’m also hoping that this particular camera adds 20 pounds and my arms aren’t actually as chunky as they are above!! (I love food).3

One of the things I love about the Mini series is that they take an instax film that produces credit card sized photos, this a lot more versatile than the square photos that Polaroid uses as you can keep them in your wallet, in your phone case, in your bra or wherever takes your fancy with a lot more ease. 1

At the moment I really like displaying the photos I’ve taken in albums with washi tape around the bottom to mark which place or period of time they were taken in and I can also write on top of it without permanently marking the photograph (This s the only area of my life that is painfully organised). I bought the most adorable photo albums for mini instax photos on the Wish app. If you don’t know what Wish is, you’re seriously missing out! Its like shopping roulette. Everything is from Asia and its a gamble if it turns up looking like the photos or if it turns up at all!

I’m looking forward to getting to grips with this camera a bit more in the future, follow me on instagram to see my progress! Have any of you got this camera? Or another instant camera that you want to shed some light on?! Comment below!

Thanks for reading! Yasmin x

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