Transitioning to Winter Decor!

Oh hiiii. Do you remember when I was super proud of my Autumn Decor?! Well the time has come, the walrus said, to transition to winter!! Whaaaat?! YES IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS. Well not quite, but I wanted to transition my hallway decor to a more wintery vibe without having to mug everything off. So this is what it looked like before:

Add a few frosty changes andddd…..

I know, I’m a friggin’ genius! I didn’t even have to change a lot – so what did I do?!

I switched out the red enamel pot of pinecones with a frosty blue pot of sprayed pinecones.

I painted some sticks that I found (on the floor, please don’t attack any trees!) and wrapped the leafy fairy lights around them.

Thanks to the chalkboard paint I was able to re-do the board and the bottle which added a big change. Andddd… I PAINTED MY PUMPKINS. Aren’t you completely in love with my black, glittery pumpkin? what a cute little guy!

See how easy that was?! It literally took me a couple of hours (waiting for paint to dry like) and I completely transformed my decor! What are you guys doing for Winter decor?


Thanks for reading! Yasmin x

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