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Crafty Hacks: 1 – Glitter Candles

I am SO excited to start this new mini-series! So I was recently made redundant (hire me please?) and it was around the time where all the autumn and christmas decorations were coming out and I knew that I needed to keep back some franc-age for when the going gets tough so everytime I saw something I wanted, I decided I would make it!
Today is part 1 and it is all about these beaut glitter candles that I saw in Depot for 8.95chf

Now please don’t get me wrong, Depot is my mecca and I love it dearly (and I hope it loves me too after this!) but that is super steep no matter how sparkly that damn candle is! So I got to work!

Okay so all my purchases together cost 9.40chf but as I got 4 candles and the glue and glitter go a long way, at the most it costs 2.35chf per candle!

Lets start! So I learnt (the hard way) that if you can one of these shiny finished candles rather than a rough, rustic candle – you’re gunna need to sand that badboy down. 

Just give it a quick squizz over with some sand paper or a nail file so you get a lovely rough texture. whack the glue on and get glittering! The result was such a satisfyingly beautiful and frosty candle! Perfect for cosy nights in!

I also experimented a little with tea lights as its something we all have knocking about the house and the result was equally good! You just need to be speedy with the glittering after glue-ing!


That was so much fun! Thank you for reading and see you next time! Yasmin x

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