Beginners Guide to Chalk Paint!

Everyone and their mums are up-cycling these days and I love it! I made a promise to myself that if I need a new piece of furniture I will put serious effort into finding something second hand before buying anything new. I hate this disposable world we’re living in and would rather spend a little more on a nice, solid piece of old furniture which I can paint or upholster than buy something cheap that I will have to replace in a couple of years.

Woah that got serious there! Anyway, so I have been painting all of my bedroom furniture recently (cos I change my mind more than I change my knickers – thats a lot by the way, I’m not a dirty girl) and I’ve been using chalk paint from Autentico as recommended by decorator extraordinaire aka my mother who has the cutest shop ever ‘La Maison de la Lavande’ in Vouvant, France.  So mother egg has given me a wealth of knowledge and tips and I’m going to share these nuggets of wisdom with you lucky people!

Chalk paint is a really great paint to use for old furniture, it covers a multitude of sins, but there are some tips you need to keep in mind:

  1. It adheres to just about anything, the first coat might be sacrificial but the second coat will adhere to the first and look really good!
  2.  Do long, straight strokes in the same direction; some people put paint on one way and then the other, if you do that then you are just taking the paint off again.
  3. Mix the paint well: before opening turn the tin upside down for 10 mins so that the water, chalk and colourant are well mixed.
  4. Decant into a smaller vessel rather than from dipping your brush constantly into the tin, having the tin open to the air thickens the paint – but you can always add more water.
  5. Keep some water beside you while you paint to moisten your brush with.
  6. Use a different colour as the first layer and then age the second layer, it creates a really cool effect when a different colour peeks through!
  7. Finish off with a wax to protect your painted furniture.

Spray Chalk Paint

I have only recently seen spray chalk paint on the market so I don’t have a lot of experience with it. I used it to coat some pine cones and i liked the coverage, however I noticed that as it was quite cold in the room I was spraying, it didn’t dry very evenly. Also, if you spray too much in one area it can get a bit drippy and blotchy, but practice makes perfect!!

I hope these tips helped and I can’t wait to see how you up-cycle with chalk paint! Thanks for reading, Yasmin x

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