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Decorating your home for Autumn is not something that is commonly done back in the UK, but I’ve really fallen in love with it from my experiences in Canada and living in Switzerland.

I decided that this year I would put a but more effort into my seasonal decor as I’ve been a bit (very) lazy with this kind of thing. I also found that it was not only exciting to plan, shop and craft for this project but it was also very relaxing and therapeutic, especially with the crappy news I received last week (more on that to come).

ANYWAY! We live in a super old building which has this kind of creepy hallway that I don’t really bother to do anything with, and I thought one day how nice it would be to have a little autumn themed decor to greet me when I come home. (see below, super creepy – and that carpet!!)

I began by visiting the cutest pumpkin stall in Tuggen. One of the things I love about Switzerland is that the culture still adheres to the ‘honesty’ rule, whether its the shops leaving their stock out over night, people leaving their cars unlocked and/or still running whilst they run into the shops or these pumpkin stands that have the prices and a small pot to put the money. It warms my heart in this current climate that there is some hope for humanity!

I chose three super cute little pumpkins. I loved the contrast with the colours – I’m not big into the spooky and dark autumn style decoration, I prefer to keep my decor a bit lighter. I did a bit of research about preserving pumpkins as Halloween pumpkins only last a couple of days and I found that if you clean with a bleachy or anti-bacterial solution to remove any bugs or disease then they can last up to 10 weeks!

I decided to use this old stool from IKEA for the display. I know that black would also be perfect for autumn/halloween decor but I went through a MASSIVE black furniture phase and I am so over it, I need a bit of light in my life girl! I painted the stool with Autentico chalk paint in ‘Snow White’. I love the chalk paint from Autentico, it goes on almost any surface and has such good coverage and lovely matt finish.

I finished it off with the clear wax. The wax helps protect the furniture and deepens the colour. I wanted to protect the stool a little in case the pumpkins left any kind of residue or stain.

OK OK I ADDED SOME BLACK! I used this amazing chalkboard paint from Pinty Plus on an old piece of wood and a large wine bottle. I bought the paint from but I have also seen it in ‘Migros Do It’ so its widely available across Switzerland.

Using a chalkboard pen that I also bought from I drew on the wooden board and bottle to add a cutesy, personalised effect.

And then I put it all together. I added some fake ivy and foliage fairy lights that I bought from Ginger Ray for our wedding in September (a blog post on that coming soon!) A vintage enamel pot with some foraged pinecones, a small candle and a little chalkboard painted jar with gold glitter tipped feathers (found on wish!)

The little display greets me when I get home from the office or dog walk and really changes the feeling in the formerly creepy hallway, I can’t wait to start planning my display for Winter!

How have you decorated for Autumn? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! Yasmin x

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