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Why Wine tasting isn’t scary

In September my parents moved from their home of 15 years in France to the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont; luckily for me, they are now just over 4 hours away…

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what is spätzli?!

I’m ashamed to admit but sometimes for me, trying new foods is a little scary. I remember a couple of years ago Tim and I were in a restaurant for our work Christmas meal.…


how to book the trans-siberian train! (part 1)

When Tim and I discovered that each other had always dreamt of taking the Trans-Siberian we were both super excited, none of my friends at the time were that keen, opting for gap years in…


Das Labor bar – Munich

Guten Tag!  A couple of weeks ago, Tim and I decided to take a kleine ferien to Munich, well sort of.. we didn’t actually mean to end up in Munich, we actually intended to…